From RamLila to Garba – Its Navratri Time

Navratri – a nine day festival observed during September / October month brings lots of joy, happiness, and celebrations across the country. This is one of the few festivals which is celebrated in various forms in different parts of India and displays the cultural diversity across the nation. With the new technology and creativity, these celebrations are getting bigger and better every year.

Lets have a look.

RamLila – If you are in Delhi or Northern part of country, you may find many RamLila grounds decorated with huge stage and carnival setup to showcase Ramayana story about Lord Rama and Ravana in the form of stage play which is called as RamLila. Here, Navratri is celebrated as 10 days battle of Lord Rama with Ravana followed by Vijayadashmi on 10th day as a symbol of victory of Good over Bad.

Picture Credit: photo by Sanjiv Mishra

Watching these plays live on the big stage with actors dressed in various Ramayana Characters has always been fun. Other than the stage show, there are lots of carnival activities to attract the young kids and adults and famous snack stalls to serve the local yummy street food


Durga Puja – This is what Kolkata is known for. Durga puja is the biggest and most famous celebration of Kolkata.  In Kolkata this festival is celebrated with huge pandals, grand decorations, theme based set up and celebrations across the whole city.

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Kolkata is also known for famous Bengali cuisine and sweets and what can be better time than Durga puja to taste these mouth watering dishes.


Garba / Dandiya – If you are in Gujarat or in Mumbai, go out and visit the Garba / Dandiya celebrations. This festival celebration with music, dance, shopping and eating witnesses everyone including Bollywood celebrities.

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Mysore Dusherra – And if you are in Mysore, do visit the celebration and witness the once in lifetime opportunity. The procession of festival is done with beautifully decorated elephants, bands, dance groups and members of Mysore royal family and attracts thousands of tourists from every part of the world.

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So wherever you are ,  visit and be part of this festival celebration to enjoy the true spirit of Navratri festival.

And don’t miss out the sweets and snacks stalls out there 🙂

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I am going tonight for Garba … How about you ?? 🙂

Jai Mata Di !!

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