Employee Engagement Events , Part 1 – Rangoli Competition at office

India is a country of festivals and colors. We have so many culture and celebrations bring us together.

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Rangoli – a colorful art with the mix of colors and patternsĀ demonstrates the true spirit of India. There are so many occasions like Onam, Pongal, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Deepawali, Republic day, Independence day etc when Rangoli is made in offices, homes and public places to add colors to celebration.

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Having a Rangoli competition in office is a good team building activity which can be performed in-house as part of the employee engagement events.

Tips to organize

  1. Small teams (4-6 members) should be formed based on any criteria.
  2. Designated space should be provided to each team. In case open space is a constraint, Rangoli can be made near the workstations. To facilitate this cardboard platform should be used for cleanliness perspective.
  3. Raw material should be properly distributed in containers and provided to the teams. It may have color powders, flowers, leaf, diyas etc. These days chemical free color are also available to make it environment friendly.
  4. Most important it is always better to provide two or three themes on which design patterns should be based on. This makes the judgement process easier.
  5. There should be points for various attributes like designs, choice of colors, finishing, completion with in the time duration, overall cleanliness etc.

Make it more eventful

Hire a corporate event management company to manage the event.

An event planner helps to

  1. Plan, coordinate and execute the overall event.
  2. Bring professional artists to support teams with creative designs and finish.
  3. Capture the event with photo and video.
  4. Awards / Certificates for the winners.

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